Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: Do I have to sign a contract to subscribe to your service?
    Answer: There is absolutely no obligation and a binding contract. Cancel at any time.
  2. Question: is there a money back guarantee if I am not happy with the Android device or its performance?
    Answer: Yes we offer a 30 day full money back guarantee on all of our Android devices.
  3. Question: How reliable is your streaming service?
    Answer: Our streaming service is very reliable as long as your high speed internet is operating properly and is unlimited.
  4. Question: What portion of my monthly internet and cable bill should I cancel?
    Answer: After your device is setup and you are completely happy with our service it is your discretion if you choose to remain online with your current provider.
  5. Question: Is your streaming service legal?
    Answer: Yes it is completely legal and is one of the fastest growing subscription based services in the world with over one hundred million subscribers that are enjoying the benefits of IPTV.
  6. Question: How does your service stream in my home?
    Answer: Our company owns the servers that provide unlimited TV moves news sports weather on demand movies and includes specialty channels all brought to you via the internet and the android device.
  7. Question: does my subscription go up in price?
    Answer: No the price of the subscription will stay locked in as long as you remain a customer of our company.
  8. Question: how many TV channels does your service provide?
    Answer: 8,000-10,000 TV channels
  9. Question: how do I start my subscription?
    Answer contact or call 519 859-0962
  10. Question: Is there tech support?
    Answer: Yes they is always friendly agents that are more than willing to answer your questions about your streaming service and your android device.
  11. Question: Can I take my Android device with me when I travel?
    Answer: Yes you can take your android device anywhere in the world were there is a reliable ethernet or wifi connection and a smart TV with an an HDMI port.